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Our reporters are passionate about equestrian sport and have expertise in a wide variety of areas. We champion a mix of fervour and comprehensive journalistic expertise. We follow and advise top riders and event organisers, report live on major events like the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, World Cups and Nations Cups and the Longines Global Champions Tour. We’re nevertheless also interested in national championships and cup tournaments as well as the whole area of recreational riding in all its exciting facets.


PR & marketing

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Our experts actively and creatively advise and support you across the whole area of marketing. We develop appropriate campaigns, create content and publish it on channels that match your target group.



  • organisation
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  • lighting and audio equipment

We work with you and your event from ideas about organisation and implementation through to associated analysis and documentation. Event organisers like the Glock Horse Performance Center, Mevisto Amadeus Horse Indoors and the Vienna Masters with the Longines Global Champions Tour all rely on our experience.


Graphics & Web

  • print and Web design
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  • 3-D animation

Our team of experts designs, drafts, produces and supports your entire public image. Be it logo design or animations, business stationery, advertising material or your World Wide Web presence – we’re pleased to advise you.


TV & film

  • advertising and image films
  • TV production
  • live TV
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  • event TV

Be it anything from video or image film productions, live streaming in HD to TV documentation or reportage – we apply ourselves to all forms of moving images. EQWO media house GmbH works with experts drawn from a continuously growing multi-media network, having links with more than 50 in-house professionals.


Social media

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Social media form part of our lives. We’ll be pleased to advise you on selecting and setting up the social media channels suitable for you with special wording and the right mix of text, photos and video clips to convince your target group. Our online and social media marketing specialists are always on top of the state of the art, can advise you on all issues about monitoring and advertising campaigns and will be pleased to implement solutions for you too.


  • The equestrian sport portal

Our international equestrian sport portal EQUESTRIAN WORLDWIDE – and its associated social media channels reach the “equestrian sport” target group with perfect precision and without wastage. Some 250,000 unique users on, more than 15,000 Facebook fans, over 1100 Instagram followers and our pioneering role in equestrian sport on Snapchat all speak volumes for as an important influencer-medium.